The WHY of Players Box is to free students to love academics, arts and athletics.

Players Box exists to train student performers to consistently engage at their optimal level for maximum enjoyment and development.

Players Box is built around four foundational performance principles: Every student performer possesses a Personality Type, Learning Style, Ability Level and Yes! Factor. Together they create the performer’s P.L.A.Y. profile

P - PERSONALITY TYPE affects PRESSURE: How does the performer relate to pressure?

L - LEARNING STYLE affects PRACTICE: How does the performer process information?

A - ABILITY LEVEL affects PURPOSE: Why is the performer participating in a particular art/sport/subject?

Y - YES! FACTOR affects POSITIVITY: What is the performer’s attitude toward self?



Charlie McMahan, Head Coach

Charlie McMahan has 25 years of experience as an athlete, counselor, and coach. He was a three-time National Christian College Athlete Association basketball All-American. In 1985 he was given the Murchison Award as the National Christian College Player of the Year. Charlie lives in Centerville, Ohio, with his wife Sherry and is a dad to his two grown-up kids, Jordan and Austin, who were athletes.

He has coached hundreds of athletes. He is too old for basketball now. He likes to play tennis and golf. He has a passion for high performance and the mental side of sport and teaching athletes how to play and enjoy their sport while performing at their highest level.



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